Welcome to Ilyiana

Ilyiana is an increasingly popular RSPS that continues to exceed the expectations of players that join.

What makes us stand out is crowdsourcing ideas from you, the players. We go above and beyond by bringing in new content that YOU want and what YOU vote for.

Ilyiana features 24 flawless skills, 22 bosses, 7 minigames, 5 pk spots, and 2 optional quests, so whether you enjoy skilling, bosses, or pking, we have it all.

Our server also features experienced Owners and Developers that helped create oldschool servers such as: Hellhounderz (2008), RuneClash (2014), and Eustaria (2015).

New content is constantly being released and we are always looking for ways to improve upon what we already have.

Put your skills to the test and come join our ever-expanding player base today!


member of the month

October Member Of the Month - To be determined

Hello, with the release of the new forums, we have decided to add in a Member of the Month.

Now you may be wondering, "what is this member of the month" and "how do i become one"? Well once a month the staff come together to take a vote on who has the most oustanding qualities that we are looking for in a great player.

1. Respects Staff AND other players

2. Active in-game and preferabbly on the forums as well (although not required)

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Official Trailer

Trailer - Coming Soon

Look forward to a promo video in the near future showcasing all of Ilyiana's bosses, minigames, and best features! The best part is that it will feature you, the players!